Save Your Floor Space With Window Air Conditioner

Why are window type air conditioning units popular? Window air conditioner is a popularly used type of air conditioning system today. It exhausts warm air outside of the window while keeping your home cool. The small window air conditioner is perfect for limited spaces. It does not cost a lot on electric bills compared with centralized air conditioning system. Window AC is the answer to the heat dilemma during summer season.

Energy Star Casement Window AC Air Conditioner

What To Look For When Buying A Window Air Conditioner?

You have to know the basic parts first before buying an AC unit. This will help you look into important details on picking up the right one. Here is a list of simple things to watch out for:

1. BTU. This acronym means British Thermal unit. As the number of the thermal unit grows higher, so do are the body, weight and expense of the AC unit. If the room is big, you have to pick the unit with larger BTU. Normally, 24,000 Btu is enough to cool an entirely large room.

2. EER Or The Energy Efficient Ratio. This is the determining factor if the AC unit consumes too much electricity. The higher the EER, the lower the electricity it can consume. However, AC’s with high EER are expensive. You have to determine your priorities first before opting to buy one.

3. Automated Thermostat. Modern versions of AC’s have this type of technology. If the programmed temperature is reached, the AC stops running until the cool air runs out. This feature cuts a lot from your electrical bill.

4. Filter. The filter should be intact because this is the part where dust can enter your AC system.

5. Fan. The mechanical movement of the fan plus the cooling effect of the thermostat is magical. It effectively makes the whole room cooler and more comfortable.

6. Frame. Since the casement window air conditioner is installed on the window, the frame should be sturdy enough to hold itself for a long time. Also, if you are opting for a vertical window air conditioner, you have to provide proper casement and frame to support it.

 How to Install a Small Window Air Conditioner


Window AC units is installed on the wall. They do not occupy space on your floor. This will give you more freedom to walk all over without having to trip off an AC. If you have little kids, they cannot accidentally bump on it.