Maintenance Guide for Air Conditioner

Are you among the people who call the professional every time your AC breaks down? If yes, then this maintenance guide for air conditioner is meant for you. That’s right. Not only will it give you convenience of fixing minor problems yourself, but will also let you save a lot of money in the end. The maintenance guide takes you through specific steps and activities that you can routinely undertake to keep your AC in prime working condition. The guide is not brand-specific and can even be used for the Everstar portable air conditioner.

Everstar Portable Air Conditioner Maintenance

What are Benefits of Maintenance Guide for AC?

When used properly, the maintenance guide for air conditioner can help you keep your entire cooling system maintained and working very well. Here are some benefits that you reap.

  • Longevity – A properly maintained system functions efficiently and lasts longer than a faulty one.
  • Efficiency and efficacy – Efficiency in that it uses least energy to effectively keep your room temperature well regulated. It does not work too hard. This translates to savings in terms of energy costs and other related costs.
  • Maximum comfortHome comfort comes naturally from the efficiency and efficacy of a properly working Air Conditioning system.
  • Less likelihood of breakdownRoutine checks and repairs keep your AC system from breaking down regularly. This is beneficial in that it save you lots of money.

 Guide and Tips For Air Conditioner Maintenance

Routine Maintenance Practices for Air Conditioner

There are several reasons that make the AC problematic, whether it is in use or not. Dirt and debris drawn by the fan, and other substances not only reduce the performance of your AC, but may be detrimental too to its useful life.

  • Refrigerant levels – Refrigerant ought to be kept at recommended levels as too little will render the unit inefficient at best, or burn out the compressor in extreme cases. Establishing the reason for such and repairing it is necessary.
  • Electrical controls and components – All the controls and components have to be working well. You can perform routine checks to ascertain the same.
  • Coils – It is highly recommended that both the evaporator and condenser coils should be kept clean to enhance efficiency of your cooling unit. Cleaning is simple and easy and can be done on regular basis.
  • Oil Motors – Keep oil at recommended levels and replace old oil to increase performance. This should be done as regularly as required.
  • Thermostat – You are supposed to calibrate the thermostat of your unit accordingly to prevailing weather conditions to ensure that your unit is not working unnecessarily hard. This saves money and reduces tear and wear significantly, thereby increasing your unit’s life.
  • Filters – Filters are among the components that are central to a properly working AC. They ought to be checked regularly, cleaned and if need be replaced.

The maintenance guide for air conditioner does not end there. Cover removal and cleaning is still part of this process. What you need to know is that removing the cover is not hard, and with a regular screwdriver, you can safely do it. Thoroughly clean the interior, taking utmost care not to damage the internal components and then put the cover back. It’s not rocket science, in time and with patience, you will be able to figure out on how to do it systematically.