Excellent Features Of Everstar Portable Air Conditioner Models

Do you what makes EverStar Air conditioners excel? EverStar Portable Air Conditioners are an innovative range of air conditioners that have sensationalized the market with their revolutionary products at prices as low as $299. Several households in the USA have been using EverStar Portable Air Conditioner for the past several years, and most of the customers are absolutely happy and satisfied with their units.

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The great thing about these air conditioners is that they are portable, meaning that you can move it anywhere in the house with ease. These portable air conditioners also come with a remote. Besides, they require no installation whatsoever. All one needs to do is plug to the nearest power socket. Once you’re done with that, then just sit back and relax as the cool breeze blows out from the air conditioner. In case you have any query related to the unit, simply refer the EverStar portable air conditioner manual which was provided to you along with the air conditioner.

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Models Available

The following EverStar Portable Air Conditioners are currently available in the market:

  • EverStar MPA-08CR (8,000 BTU)
  • EverStar MPN1-095CR (9,500 BTU)
  • EverStar MPK-10CR (10,000 BTU)
  • EverStar MPN1-11CR (11000 BTU)


EverStar 8000

The oldest and inarguably the best selling EverStar product is the EverStar 8000 BTU (MPA-08CR) Portable Air Conditioner. The MPA-08CR air conditioner offers 8,000 BTU’s per hour, and has a 9.4 EER. This model can easily cool up to 250-300 sq. ft. Besides that, the MPA-08CR comes with 3 cooling settings, 3 fan speeds, and 2-Way Air Deflection technology.

Best Selling Everstar 8000 BTU

EverStar 9500

The MPA-08CR was succeeded by the EverStar 9500 BTU (MPN1-095CR) Portable Air Conditioner. It beats its predecessor on several aspects. This model offers 9,500 BTU/hour. Besides it is equipped with 4-Way Air Deflection technology and an evaporation system that is quiet and bucketless.


Everstar 10000 And 11000

The most advanced EverStar products currently available in the market are the EverStar 10000 BTU (MPK-10CR) and their flagship product EverStar 11000 BTU (MPN1-11CR). Both these portable air conditioners offer 10,000 BTU/hour and 11,000 BTU/hour respectively. Both these products require no installation. Besides, they come with a function for a healthier air environment, temperature sensing remote control (full function), electronic control panel with digital readout, ionizer, 24-hour time function, and a whole lot more. These portable air conditioners also include an advanced air filtration system which helps in eliminating fungi and dust. These units also feature a design that is self-evaporating which basically eliminates the need to empty the bucket or water tray. They also have built-in casters for all the corners of the base thus allowing you to roll it easily from one room to another.

Replacement Everstar Portble Air Conditioner Parts and Accessories

These portable air conditioners are made by the same Chinese company that manufactures products of Danby, thus the units are absolutely robust and reliable. They usually come with a 1 year warranty (including the parts). However, in case one needs to replace the EverStar portable air conditioner parts after the warranty period, then one can easily find them in several stores (online as well as offline).

So in case you are low on budget and are looking for some cheap alternative to beat the heat this summer, you should definitely consider the wide range of EverStar Portable Air Conditioners for a complete “value for money” experience. Alternatives to conventional air-conditioning are the free standing air conditioner and the window air conditioner.